With almost 20 years of experience, Luza Makeup Studio is an renown institution and salon providing different beauty and skin treatment services to our valued clients. The motto of our service is just not to make you feel better but make you fell in love with yourself and feel your bodies are worth millions. Use of Herbal products for treatments provide effective and side-effectless solutions while highly experienced faculty members are our specialties that has helped to stand out of the crowd..

We also have training programes for beauty enthusiasts affiliated to C.T.E.V.T. offering world class learning environment by engaging trainees into practical work and providing opportunities to show their skills into various events.


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Pimple Pack

When it comes about beauty, pimple is one of the main things which seems really tough to get through with and to get rid of these pimples either it is big or small or any kind of spots or marks caused by pimple we do provide very effective and organic pimple pack. And difference can be seen within very few days with the regular use of our pimple pack.

Normal: Rs. 1300/-, Big Pimple: Rs. 2100/- Biggest Pimple: 2800/-

All Packs are 50 Grams

Blackness Pack

Problems caused due to excess exposure in sun, aging effect or due to side effect of products containing chemical have been a biggest headache for us. And to get rid of these problems, we have created a effective Blackness pack which is totally chemical free. So by using this product on regular basis, anyone can bring out their inner glow on their faces and be glamorous.

Rs. 2100/- for 50 Grams

Pigmentation Pack

Dark spots or patches seen on the faces due to distinct reasons either it is because of sunburn, hormonal changes or due to use of cosmetics product which contains harmful chemicals are pigments. And for the solution of this problem we have made a potent and organic pigmentation pack so that we can get rid of pigments and stay beautiful.

Rs. 1300/- for 50 Grams

Super Facial Pack

It is one of the advanced facial packs which is very effective and organic. This product is usually used to get rid of pigmentations and dark patches on skin. This facial pack is made on the unique way that result can be seen on the first day of using it.

Rs. 1650/- for 25 Grams, Rs. 3200 for 50 Grams, Rs. 6000 for 100 Grams

Dark Circle Pack

Dark layer seen around the eye known as dark circle have been the fast growing serious problem in our generation. It is either caused by the stress, lack of sleep or due to side effect of beauty products. To get rid of these problems, we have created such an advanced product which can unleash the inner beauty in people.

Rs. 2800/- | 50 Grams

Sunburn Pack

Sunburn can be known as the response of skin by changing its outer layer into red or dark color due to exposure of skins into direct sunlight or harmful UV-rays. And to get rid of such complication caused by sunburn, we do provide very delightful product which is totally organic so that we could bring out our inner beauty.

Rs. 1500/- for 50 Grams

Veg. Facial Pack

It is one of the simple, organic and effective facial packs made by the combination of different variety of herbals. Daily use of this product will help to unleash the inner glow and shine on face.

Rs. 500/- for 25 Grams, Rs. 850 for 50 Grams, Rs. 1500 for 100 Grams

Primary Facial Pack

Primary facial pack is one of the exclusive facial packs used when someone starts facing problem like skin loss or wrinkles due to aging. Using this product on the regular basis will help to maintain the beauty of skin and confidence.

Rs. 2700/- for 50 Grams

Hard Super Facial Pack

It is one of the unique facial packs made with the mixture of variety or herbals. It is usually used to avoid the problems of pimples, pigmentations, dark patches. Using this product on regular basis will unleash the inner glow and brighten up the skin.

Rs. 3000/- for 25 Grams, 5500 for 50 Grams

Jama Jam Facial Pack

Jamajam facial pack finds yourself an all-rounder pack for the solution of blue straps and pimples as well as other facial problems in your face.  From our jamajam facial pack you can get relief of other various facial problems as well.

Rs. 5500/- for 25 Grams

Hair fall Pack

Now a day’s hair fall has been the greatest problem for today’s generation either it is caused by pollution, aging or may be due to the chemical containing product. So we have discovered extremely effective Hair fall pack which helps to regrow hair from roots.

Rs. 3200/- for 50 Grams + Hair Oil Rs. 1000/- = Rs. 4200/-

Allergy Pack

Rashes are seen on our different body parts causing a big problem in our day to day life and to solve these problems we have created marvelous product which is very effective as well as organic and with the use of this product result can be seen on the first day.

Rs. 2200/- for 50 Gram

Blueness Pack

Blueness pack blueness packs not only helps you remove blue tans in your face but also help you to have a clear and bright face. Blue tans are mostly caused due to chemicals. Therefore blueness pack removes it and you'll have a glowering bright face.

Rs. 2500/- for 50 Grams

Anti-Dandruff Pack

Dandruff pack the most unwanted particle is caused due to different reasons. Especially in winter and in rainy season due to rain water and due to the dust and dirt it occurs the most. So our luza's dandruff pack not only helps you control dandruff it helps to completely remove your dandruffs.

Luxury Facial Pack

When someone suffers with dullness or wrinkles on face even in the young age which is becoming the main reason for loosing of confidence. For the solutions of this problem, we have created a luxury facial pack. And using the luxury facial pack relevantly anyone can avoid dullness and wrinkles and gain the full confidence.

Special Facial pack

It is one of the unique facial pack which helps to get rid of pimples, pigmentation and not only that it also helps to heal the sunburn. And using this product on regular basis will always benefit our skin.